Treasure Matthew 6:19-24

Treasure Matthew 6:19-24
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Treasure Mathew 6:19-24 October 16 2016 Lorna Laister
Unfortunately, we find the same perspective today in the church. Many equate material wealth or physical blessing of any kind with the blessing of God for their righteous behaviour, but if they face trials or have the absence of health and financial prosperity, it is a sign that God is angry with them for some reason. THIS IS NOT SOUND THEOLOGY. THIS IS NOT WHAT GCI TEACHES. THIS DOES NOT GIVE US A TRUE PICTURE OF WHO GOD ISToday we are going into the next section in Matthew 6 verses 19-24. This part is about GREED
READ Matthew 6:19-21
Remember that wherever Jesus was teaching the Pharisees were always near. Pharisees were concerned with external things. This is where their heart was. They were selfish, stingy, and blind leaders of the blind. As the leaders of Israel they were failures in their purpose because they brought no one closer to God. In his public ministry, Jesus repeatedly rebuked them for the prominence they gave to material wealth. The Pharisees were hypocrites and greedy.

READ Matthew 6:22-23. The focus has shifted from the heart to the eye. Clear vision, or spiritual understanding as given by the Word and the Holy Spirit, gives the ability to recognize the true values of life so we can avoid the evil perspectives and distortions of the world. If our vision is clear which means single minded and fixed on eternal or heavenly treasure, then the whole of our lives will be full of light, insight, and we will have the ability, the wisdom, the desire, and the will to make wise choices in life. When money becomes a priority in a disciple's life, it snuffs out the lamp of the gospel and turns it into utter darkness. Prosperity can harm Christian discipleship.

READ Matthew 6:24. The two words "serve" and "masters" refer to a slave's relationship to a slave-owner. Jesus means that one cannot serve two masters equally well or at the same time. The Greek word for serve means to be a slave to someone. So the meaning here is that while possessions are neither good nor evil in themselves, one cannot be a slave to possessions and be a disciple in the kingdom of God.

How do we tell the difference? How do we know when money is the master?

What takes up our time?  What are your priorities? After all we have to live! BUT do we live to accumulate wealth?  Or to glorify God?

What controls us? Even though we do default – we rely on ourselves – we worry about money – but it MUSTN’T be our master. What determines who is in charge?  These aspects of our lives

  1. Our vision, how we see the world and God’s provision
  2. Our values, where our heart is
  3. The choices we make, or what we do with the assets God has given us. When choices we make are sacrificial – then we know we seek the Kingdom

2 Corinthians 4:16-18; Philippians 4:10-13

I don’t want you to go home worried or feeling guilty or ashamed that you haven’t done more. I want you to let the Holy Spirit guide and lad you into developing – or using – your gifts. THEN you will be content – like Paul

When we reach out to our brothers and sisters we are showing where our hearts are. We are laying up treasure in heaven – not for us – but for the sake of the world.


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