Lorna Laister Bridging Old and New Testaments 2016 12 04

Lorna Laister Bridging Old and New Testaments 2016 12 04
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Jesus is coming!!! Luke 1 Lorna Laister   

Read Mark 1:2-3

Advent Season. A time of preparation. A time of anticipation. Waiting.

  1. We will learn about the links connecting the prophecies from the OT to the NT
  2. We will see the way God was introducing changes of worship
  3. We will understand how amazing God’s plan is and how everything he foretold came true.



Luke 1:1-4

Zechariah and his wife had prayed for a  long time for a baby. But Elizabeth was unable to have a baby.

When the angel Gabriel told Zechariah about the baby and what he would do, Zechariah found it hard to believe.

Luke 1:5

God’s people had long been oppressed by the Roman government. Palestine was ruled by a tyrant called King Herod. (half Jewish). Those were dark days, full of hopelessness for the Israelites. The ordinary people were extremely poor. They were heavily taxed and life was often seemingly hopeless.

Into this depressing situation God had brought a baby. He was finally sending his messenger to prepare the way for Jesus. We in south Africa understand this scenario completely. We also cry out for freedom.


John links the OT and the NT. John is the culmination of many many prophesies from the OT. Prophesies of the messenger to herald in the beginning of a new kingdom.


Read Luke 1 6-13. We read words Temple; Sacrifice; Incense; Priest; Angels; Prophecy; Elijah.

Old Testament words for OT worship. Zechariah was working in the temple as a priest. Priests’ duties were to “speak” to God for the people. Now he is interrupted to hear from God.

Luke 1:13-25. Understand this. Not being able to have a baby was a shameful thing in those days. It meant that it ruled out the couple as ancestors of the Messiah. With the birth of the baby they would be regarded as greatly blessed because now the child would be essential agents in Carrying out God’s plan of salvation. The barrenness of Elizabeth was like Hannah, Rachel, Rebeccah

OT prophets like Elijah had the same mission as John. This chart shows amazing links between OT & NT

1. Elijah was a prophet who spent a long time in the desert.


1. John worked in the desert
2. Elijah was a prophet who told people how to please God: these things were hard to do and he wasn’t popular. 2. John told people how to please God: these things were hard to do and he wasn’t popular
3. Elijah was a prophet who was firm with the king and had to run for his life from the king. 3. John was firm with King Herod, told him

unpopular things and ended up being executed

4. Elijah was a prophet who somehow came to support Jesus at the transfiguration. 4. John always pointed people towards Jesus


The old is transforming into the new. See how Elijah foreshadows the life of John? They are similar.


Deserts are places of meeting with the Lord. Places of trial and testing. Places where character was formed and God’s servants prepared for the work they had to carry out.

Some of you will be struggling with doubt right now. Not believing – not understanding. I have. When we doubt stories of the advent can strengthen us and bring us back to a pace of safety or security.

Can you see how the story all ties in with the whole bible.


God hadn’t done miracles or recorded any miracles for 400 years. From Malachi to Matthew God was preparing the scenes for the Messiah to be heralded in. Greek language and culture had been spread. Romans roads were built and roman peace. Yet to the common people It seemed like the Jewish faith had no life in it. But suddenly God sent a messenger. What an unexpected miracle!Elizabeth was very old and had never had a baby. It seemed as though there were no life in her. But suddenly she became pregnant. What an unexpected miracle!

Read Malachi 3:1 & 4:6

Malachi the prophet was a prophet with a calling like Elijah and john.  He called people to repentance.

Here Malachi’s is looking back and forwards while in conversation with the people, especially the temple priests, of Jerusalem. Malachi calls his contemporaries to remember the life and message of Moses and future generations to look forward to the life and message of the Elijah who is to come. John the Baptist is the messenger predicted to come so that he can prepare the world for Jesus of Nazareth, God’s Anointed One.

And now God is introducing a new kind of worship.

After centuries of prophecy, of anticipation and preparation we find john. The bridge. Standing at the threshold between the Old and New

He is consumed with zeal for the glory of the Lord. As we saw in the chart Elijah had the same calling. He called people to repentance.

Malachi had summoned the people to repentance too – this time it was after the exile.

John was chosen as a Herald (one who announces the arrival of a king)


It was John who was finally able to say “THE KINGDOM IS HERE!

Everything God had said would happen is fulfilled right now.

Read Luke 1 26-37 Mary’s song. this poetry isn’t simply religious; it has powerful social and political overtones. It speaks of a great reversal—what might be called a social, economic, and political revolution. To people in Mary’s day, there is little question as to what she is talking about. The Jewish people are oppressed by the Roman Empire, and to speak of a King who will demote the powerful and rich and elevate the poor and humble means one thing:  God is moving toward setting them free! Soon Zacharias will overflow in poetry of his own


Read Luke 1:37-45

I hope you have been able to see how so many prophesies have come to pass. None of these things were left to chance. Everything was planned out in the tiniest detail. Every aspect of the design were implemented properly at the right time. There no gaps. No mistakes. All perfect


Read and Pray through Romans 15:4-5


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