2019 06 16 Lorna Laister TRINITY SUNDAY

2019 06 16 Lorna Laister TRINITY SUNDAY
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Trinity Sunday

Lorna Laister; 16 June 2019

Scripture reading John 16:12-15
On Sundays for the last six months of the year, we’ve been thinking about the great events of Jesus’ coming into the world. But now it’s time to take stock, to pause, and to re-focus our sights –

Because our God is visible, in Jesus Christ

Our God is even measurable, in Jesus Christ

And we understand our God – he is comprehensible in Jesus Christ

Today we celebrate the Triune God on this day called Trinity Sunday—part of the traditional Christian calendar. We are going to look at some passages in the bible so that we can be encouraged by the fact that God is ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED WITH US!

IN JESUS, WE ARE BROUGHT INTO THE DIVINE LIFE THE FATHER, SON AND SPIRIT HAVE SHARED FOR ALL ETERNITY. This life is a life that transforms our whole existence, past, present and future. Let’s briefly look at how the Triune life transforms


1.The Triune God is one God who exists eternally as 3 distinct Persons: the father the son and the holy spirit. The triune God is one being in 3 persons

2.The trinity operates in complete harmony.

3.The Triune God is a communion of perfect holy love, Who created us to SHARE in the triune love and life FOR ALL ETERNITY and in a way that way gives GLORY TO GOD

4.That in these scriptures we are looking for the ways that God is delighted with us. Just because he loves us

Read Proverbs 8:1-4

IN the scriptures in Psalms and Proverbs we think of God the Father. We tend to attribute the creation to the Father

For every negative word spoken to us it takes many more positive words to compensate for the pain. Words that hurt do great damage and last a long time – even when there are nice words alongside

Now the writer of Proverbs uses words to describe or paint a picture of God crying out to us.


Meditation 1:

  1. When have you heard God calling to you?
  2. How have you heard God calling to you?
  3. Write down or draw dumping the hurts and/or negative words that others have dumped on you

Read Proverbs 8:22-31

Now humans do a really good job of projecting. What I mean is that we project on to other people what we would do. And we project on to God. We expect him to be angry with us because we mess up BECAUSE WE WOULD BE ANGRY WITH PEOPLE WHEN THEY MESS UP. and what happens is that people think that God is fed up with them. He’s had enough of us.

People think that God has turned away. People think that they are not worthy of love, so they try to earn it. They try to make up rules and think that if they perform better then we can “win” the love back. But that’s not what the bible says. The bible tells us that God is not mad. But madly in love with us! That God delights in us.

Meditation 2:

Imagine you are walking into the Holy presence and see God smiling at you. How do you feel? How does that make you feel? Write a word down or draw a picture of what it is like

Read Psalm 8

The Psalmist says we are made ONLY A LITTLE LOWER THAN GOD


Romans 12:3 says And because of God's gracious gift to me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you should. Instead, be modest in your thinking, and judge yourself according to the amount of faith that God has given you.

We are NOT God. But we are made in his image. And in Christ we are truly human.

If you hear someone say “Don’t blame me I’m only human” it is wrong. It is putting yourself down. Our problem I not that we are human, it means we are not human enough. It means we are living beneath our potential and falling short of what God has for us

Meditation 3:

Write or draw how it feels to be the best you can be. Truly human. The best that God wants you to be

Read Romans 5:1-2

Now the scriptures are telling us to think about God the Son. The focus is now on Jesus. Paul helps us to see God’s delight in us. He says we have peace through God’s faithfulness. It is given to us through our Lord Jesus. Jesus comes to us and stops the swirling that keeps our lives clouded and confused.

Our response is PEACE. We don’t have to be agitated about the lies, others tell us or the lies we tell ourselves. We can get the access to the grace in which we stand. So, God’s peace opens the way for us to move past the lies and into the truth. It unblocks the path. It clears the way.


Meditation 4:

Write or draw what it feels like when you have peace and can receive God’s grace

Read Romans 5:3-5

Now we have that peace, we can withstand and face any adversity. Knowing God delights in us we will find strength in believing it. Paul describes that strength in an upward spiral

Suffering – Endurance – Character- Hope


People always survive better with hope. Orphaned babies die without hope.  Depression comes without hope.

Meditation 5:

Write about or draw the open pathway that allows Gods’ grace to flow towards you.

Read John 16:12-15

And now the focus changes again to the Holy Spirit. These verses tell of the work of the Spirit and the dominion of the father, each person of the trinity having a distinctive role to play.

Psalms and Proverbs refer us to God the father. Paul opens the lens wider to include our Lord Jesus Christ And the Gospel lesson describes the actions and relationships of all persons of the Trinity. This means the whole Godhead delights in us. Father Son and Spirit together. God’s delight does not vary from one member of the /trinity to the next. Through and through we are God’s delight. We call this relationship within the Trinity symbiotic. And it is important.


Think of each person of the trinity. What do you want to write about the Father (in one word) or draw? To the Son? To the spirit?

Meditation 6:

Think about when God the Spirit has given you exactly what you need at the right time. Write a word, a phrase or draw that thing/time


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