Elmar Roberg November 2017 Church Governance Part 2
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Create DateNovember 21, 2017
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Life in Christ: CONNECTing, PROTECTing, SHAREing, GROWing
Church Govern(ment/ance)

Objective: Is “God’s government” top-down or what?

In the New Testament (and still today), the purpose or aim of persons serving as elders and as lead pastors (overseers) is to “equip the saints” and “build up” the body so as to “strengthen and encourage” faith, hope and love for God among the members. This aim involves benefitting the common good and edifying and building-up (oikodome) the body. Those being called to serve the body in this way are moved by the Spirit to join Jesus in bringing about these aims. God’s redemptive work starts with individuals responding to and indwelt by the Holy Spirit. The ministry of elders and lead pastors must also be moved and committed to this pattern and priority. If such focused motivation and aims are not demonstrated, then that is a sign that those individuals are not being called to serve as elders or lead pastors, but are likely being called to serve in other ways.
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