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We need the amazing grace of Jesus the root of our lives. We need it every single day. We also need to know what to do. We need the Lord to teach us his path. Jesus is both the shepherd and the gate.

Jesus is the shepherd

Jesus is the gate

Is this a mixed metaphor

Is it confusing? Absolutely.

It’s mysterious. It’s beyond our thought and understanding.

But it is full of good news.:

The good shepherd doesn’t speak with an abusive voice; he doesn’t jump over the fence and scare the sheep—he approaches with gentle confidence, knowing that his sheep know his voice. Jesus comes with the drawing voice, the wooing voice, not the loud, driving spirit we hear from other voices.

Where is that drawing voice in your life today? When you’re faced with a decision or come to a crossroads, are you listening to the gentle, drawing voice that’s calling you to wholeness and life, or the aggressive voice calling you to self-glory, power, greed? Very few of our decisions are entirely that clear-cut, but listen close. What’s calling you to be more like Jesus?

Does life to the full or life abundantly describe the shepherd you know?


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