2019 10 13 Gill Khoury THE FAITH VENUE

2019 10 13 Gill Khoury THE FAITH VENUE
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Gill Khoury Sermon Summary   Oct 12 2019


Faith Venues

A faith venue is an additional meeting during the week. A time and place where the congregation meets for teaching, as opposed to preaching or outreach.



  1. They allow our congregation to meet during the week.
  2. It provides a platform for targeted teaching
  3. Faith venues allow the congregation to support one another and the Pastors.
  4. Faith venues provide opportunities to develop people.
  5. Faith venues provide an opportunity for us as pastors to get to know our congregations
  6. Faith venues nurture passion


What does Redhill GCI have?


Kwa mashu Care group:

every second Tuesday morning: Lorna


Westville bible study:

Every second week on a Tuesday morning: Gordon


Westville evening care group: Mandondo’s

House Every second Tuesday evening; Gill


Berea care group: Mnasi and Chris


Worship team practise: Thursday PM or early Sunday morning

Mothers who care; Weds mornings North Crest Primary School

Children’s ministry lessons

Pastor day


New groups starting soon


Sydenham Every second Weds

Donut Club; Bible study for Youth

Coffee Club




Goal 1. 100% of the congregation in a faith venue at least once a month.


  • Goal 2. Increase the between Sunday fellowship on a more personal basis


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