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Gill Khoury Summary   Introduction to the book of Romans


Book of Romans is revolutionary. It changed Martin Luther and started the Reformation. It changed John Wesley and prevented a revolution in England. It Inspired Karth Barth, to drag the Church away from a tide of weak liberalism in the 1920’s


Book of Romans is the first of the epistles or letters to the churches

Addressed to all In Rome


Very important that we understand two things about the letters

  • They are occasional. Written for a specific purpose and time and place
  • There is a huge time, cultural and geographic distance. That means we need to differentiate between normative and cultural teaching


Paul is on the third missionary journey and staying in Corinth. Planning to go to Spain via Rome

Two problems:  Romans have some weird ideas about what Paul actually teaches

Major problems between Jewish and Gentile Christians


So Paul writes the letter: A-Z of the gospel in detail and then 8 chapters on practical Love

Paul puts flesh on the gospel


Romans 17 verses set the theme for the book.  Paul talks about

  • Jesus Christ :
  • The Romans:
  • Himself


  • Paul is an Apostle and a servant
  • Gospel based on OT
  • Jesus is descended from David but is also God
  • We are included in the gospel
  • Paul thanks God for their Faith
  • Paul operates as a servant and a pastor
  • Paul wants a harvest from them
  • Paul is not ashamed of the gospel
  • Righteousness is revealed. Not based on contract but covenant. Righteous is about mercy and grace and forgiveness

Not about justice and penance



It was this understanding that changed the world. The idea that grace is free kick started the Reformation


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