2019 07 07 Elmar Roberg WHO ARE WE? OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST

2019 07 07 Elmar Roberg WHO ARE WE? OUR IDENTITY IN CHRIST
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Caveat: we can only truly understand who / what we are if we know who / what God first

To attempt to understand the Triune nature of God is like trying to understand “infinity” or “love”

Try, “infinite love”!

But that does NOT mean it is a hopeless cause. But there are some rules (boundaries):

Only God can reveal God.

We can only understand love by experiencing it.

It also helps to understand love if we can experience what it is not.

Also, by looking at what happens when it is absent.

The Bible helps to specify the boundaries.
(what is “in” / what is “out”)


You cannot “explain” God if you

understand nature


You can explain nature if you

understand God

Examples from nature



Tight union

Hydra / Portuguese man of war

Each polyp is an “individual”

Called colonial animals


Less tight union

Ants / bees

Mutually dependent on each other


Isaiah 9.6

Father is God, Son is God, Spirit is God

Father is not Son, is not the Holy Spirit

The Son sanctifies the whole of humanity in Himself by the Spirit

Mt 1.18-21

Born to us, of woman, by the Spirit

Heb 2.9-11,14-18

The human Jesus learns obedience, restores to original state Gen 1.26-27,31

Son exhibits all the attributes of the Father: Dt 32.4; Isa 63.16; 64.8; Mal 2.10

Son exhibits all of characteristics of the Spirit: wisdom, extraordinary, miraculous powers (Prov: son is personification of “Wisdom”)

Christ (anointed: priest / king) to restore relationships (→ God; → one other)

Rm 8.3 Father sent Son “to deal with sin, condemned sin in the flesh”

Jesus expresses the fullness of God in His humanity

Jn 5.19-25 Son of God

.26 Gives human life (which – transient / eternal?)

.27 Becomes Son of man

.28 Because of this (.26,27) we too can have life (17.1-2, v3)

.29 the judge of resurrection of judgement (don't be fixated on 24h day)

Jn 7.16-18; 8.28


Is given the role of judge

Is man, knows man, has experienced being man

Is the personification of the Father

Is love

Is [rahum] (compassionate);

[hannun] (gracious);

[erek anan] (long to anger)];

[rab hesed] (abounding in lovingkindness/mercy)

[emet] (faithful/firm/true/trustworthy)
Ex 34.6, but note v7

Christ mediates the love of the Father to humanity

Love of the Father expressed to us:

- through Jesus to us

- God IS love (has always been this way 2Co13.14)

- of Father to the whole creation (Rm 8)

Christ the mediator of the new covenant

The Son asks the Father to send the Spirit

Father works by the Spirit to us, so we can respond

We are drawn INTO Christ (His body)...and with us to free the whole of creation


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