2019 03 17 Lorna Laister JESUS NEVER GAVE UP

2019 03 17 Lorna Laister JESUS NEVER GAVE UP
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Read Luke 13:31-35 Jesus never waivered from doing the right thing

Luke 13:31

How did Jesus face adversity and discouragement?

Herod and the Pharisees wanted Jesus gone. They wanted to regain the control they thought they had

  1. From how many territories (areas) in our lives are we tempted to try and chase Jesus away?

Are there times in our lives where we can relate to Herod and the Pharisees’ desire for control? Are there times we want to do things our way—when we want to be in control? Maybe it’s less obvious and we allow these thoughts sub-consciously? We may simply just not pray about what we are doing.

When Jesus enters our lives, our territory, he does so as Lord and Saviour. He is the ruler and owner of all. He is the Lord of our life; do we trust him with this authority? When we don’t, we may find ourselves responding in fear and pride just like the Pharisees.

  1. Can you think of examples where we speak as if we are looking out for Jesus’ good, when we are really just trying to remain in control as rulers of our own territories?

But we’ll see, Jesus is not swayed by scheming, trickery or deceit.

Luke 13:32-33

Jesus, in contrast to Herod and the Pharisees, does not act out of fear or pride, but fearlessly proclaims that he will continue his work – work that will be completed in humiliation on the cross. Jesus acts like one who has nothing to lose, even as he heads to Jerusalem where he will lose his life. Jesus is the only one in this story who lives fearlessly.

Jesus had a goal to accomplish, his goal was to redeem sinful mankind from themselves, and he knew that he would be sacrificial lamb necessary to do that. … Jesus was determined to reach that cross in a timely manner, and nothing would deter him.

Read Matthew 10:38-40

  1. How might knowing and trusting the Father as ruler and owner of all set us free from the fear and pride of trying to control our own territories?

When we are carrying a cross, we are not to be afraid of anybody, or anything. Read 1 John 4:18, That is why Jesus wasn’t afraid, because his love for us was perfect, and Jesus laughed in the face of the fear, and so must we.

Luke 13:33-34b

Jesus knows what awaits him. Despite Satan's control over the people of Jerusalem, God was still available to help them. All they had to do was turn to him in faith. And then we have the mama bear type protection in verse 34! This striking image of Jesus as a mother hen who gathers her chicks by spreading her wings reminds us of Jesus spreading his arms out on the cross to “draw all people to himself” (John 12:32 NRSV).

This picture reveals something of the Father’s heart. God stands up to any “fox” who wants to threaten and scare us away. We are made for walking with the Lord, and Jesus has secured this purpose with his own blood.

Are you facing threats from social and societal pressures that tell you to “Get away” from Jesus? Many are afraid to share their faith because they are concerned about what others think. Don’t let this persuade you. Instead of fleeing in fear, be confident knowing Christ is with you. And what he is doing in your life, he will continue to do until completion.

When you find yourself wavering, remember who Jesus is.

When you have opportunity, share the good news about Jesus. The gospel isn’t a warning, it’s good news others need to hear.

When you feel you are losing control, let Jesus have the control. Watch how he leads you into right decisions.

  1. How does the maternal metaphor of Jesus relating to us as a mother hen affect you? Does this help build you faith? Does it challenge your concept of who God is?

Luke 13:35

This reference to Psalm 118 is a statement of seeing Jesus as King and Saviour. Even when our world is falling apart- look to Jesus to be King in every circumstance and as the one who saves us. As we do this, we can “see him” working in our calamities and suffering.

Jesus came to renew and restore. His promises are sure. As you go through life, remind others of the sure promises of Jesus. They need his strength; they need confidence in him. They need to know they don’t have to live in fear and anxiety. Jesus started a good work and he will finish it.

All of us limit God's work in our lives to some extent. Even though we are forgiven in Christ and have begun to experience the new creation through him, there are times when we resist God's transforming work in us. Jesus must accept with sadness that there are people who will not accept the kingdom.

Jesus was saddened by the lost condition of people, and he is still saddened by their lost condition today. We need to have the same attitude for the lost today, because they are dead in their trespasses and sin. They are cut off from God. They are trapped in a downward spiral that will lead them to an eternity in hell unless we step in and show them that God loves them.


Lent calls us to confront those things that stand in the way of our answering God's call. We answer God's call by doing his work in our world.


The most amazing thing Jesus said in this passage is that we have the power to choose. … The last five words in verse 34 are also some of the most powerful words in the bible … he says to us today, “I will love you and shelter you like a mother hen protects her chicks ... if … (and only if) … we are willing”. …

It says, “but you would not let me” We have a choice!!

But it’s a choice under God’s promises. It’s a choice knowing how much he loves us.

  1. God won't ask what kind of car you drove, but God will ask how many people you drove who didn't have transportation.
  2. God won't ask the square footage of your house, but God will ask how many people you welcomed into your home.
  3. God won't ask about the clothes you had in your closet, but God will ask how many you helped to clothe.
  4. God won't ask what your highest salary was, but God will ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.
  5. God won't ask what your job title was, but God will ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability.
  6. God won't ask how many friends you had, but God will ask how many people to whom you were a friend.
  7. God won't ask in what neighbourhood you lived, but God will ask how you treated your neighbours.
  8. God won't ask about the colour of your skin, but God will ask about the content of your character.


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