2018 05 27 Gill Khoury Overview of the book of Acts

2018 05 27 Gill Khoury Overview of the book of Acts
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Book of Acts moves very quickly, lots of events over a 30 year period.

Author   Dr Luke: Writes in both first person and third person.

Very detailed account of early Church history

Contrast with the gospels


GOSPELS   Jesus offers his life

ACTS          Jesus offers his power


GOSPELS   I will build my Church

ACTS          Church is built


GOSPELS   Jesus is crucified died and risen

ACTS          Ascended, seated and exalted over the Church


GOSPELS   Jesus models the truth

ACTS          Christians model the truth


GOSPELS   Emphasis on Jesus

ACTS          Emphasis on the Holy Spirit


Structure  See Chart

Cast     Peter is dominant for the first 13 chapters, then is eclipsed by Paul


The Church is born

Holy Spirit comes

People exercise the gifts of the Spirit

Paul starts missionary Journeys

Message of grace is preached

Persecution starts

Persecution has always been the filter and fertilizer for the Church. When persecution strikes the church grows

Persecution does not mean that God has abandoned us and the first Christians had a resilient courage. Sometimes without persecution we can get spiritually flabby and soft. We need to display the same courage as the early church and not pack our bags and run away when problems strike. Church has always moved forward through the momentum of those stood up for what is right.

Barnabas is an influential character in the book and his impact quietly changes the course of history

Barnabas is an encourager and encouragers are very important because they can spot potential in people. He gave people a chance. We need to do the same.



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