2018 04 08 Tammy Tkach – Who is God?

2018 04 08 Tammy Tkach - Who is God?
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Tammy gave this sermon at the Women's conference in March 2018 in Zimbabwe. It was the 20 year anniversary of the International Women's conference, of three countries; Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi

Tammy gives an update of the Headquarters move from the West coast US to the East. She recalls her history of life in the church over the past 32 years. Jo will be fully retire next January 2019

The sermon reassures us of our relationship with God. We do not have to worry about our relationship with God. He has everything covered because he loves us so much. He wants everyone to be saved. I know Jesus. He gave up everything for me.

Tammy recommends us to watch a YouTube called "Jesus always with you"


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