2018 03 31 Lorna Laister Children’s ministry part 1

2018 03 31 Lorna Laister Children's ministry part 1
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Create DateMay 7, 2018
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Children's ministry

You may be asking “why children's ministry at a women’s conference”?

Well for one reason – children are a blessing from God. With those blessings come responsibility. We are church. We have a responsibility.

We are blessed with children and we are responsible for helping them grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Another is that In GCI we are making a huge drive to create, build and sustain healthy vibrant and active children's ministries all over the world


I’m going to give you plenty of reasons.

Ways CM helps kids

Ways CM helps families

Ways CM helps the church

Ways that CM benefits everyone

Ways CM helps kids learn

In church we need to see kids differently

I hope that you will begin to see kids differently.

This is a challenge to all of us. To take every opportunity to share Christ
So let’s put it this way. We definitely need your help in supporting CM in church


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