2017 11 05 Lorna Laister I am the Resurrection and the Life

2017 11 05 Lorna Laister I am the Resurrection and the Life
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I am the Resurrection and the life          SERMON SUMMARY          Lorna Laister 5 November 2017

Read John 11:25-26

Mary Martha and Lazarus. We will look at this story from Martha and Mary’s viewpoint as well as Lazarus’. But also from Jesus’ perspective. We can find out what the saying “I am the resurrection and the life” means to us today

Read John 11:17-27. First Martha

Now Martha has faith in Jesus, but it is really being tested. She is angry and feeling guilty for the loss of her brother. Could I have done more? Why didn’t Jesus come sooner? If she had sent the message earlier!!

And when Jesus said that Lazarus would rise again, it didn't help. She knew the religious teaching you see. And it wasn’t the comfort she wanted.

And then Jesus says the words I am the resurrection

Resurrection – means

  • Standing up
  • I AM Rising up
  • I AM raising up

Jesus meant all of these

I AM rising up from death (This was the sign that he was going to die very soon) rising up and standing in the new age. Then I AM raising up – telling that he is raising up Martha and Mary and Lazarus from death to life

AND the life

Now Jesus is telling them that when you have faith, when you believe – then you have life. You already have life in eternity when you believe. And then this enormous question! Martha – do you believe?

Let’s pause here.

Jesus stirs her faith. He does it by moving her focus off the problem and onto himself.  Jesus said to her, “I, I am the resurrection and the life.” “Life is not found in some future event per se. Life is found in Me, the author and source of life. Martha, you are looking at the answer! Wherever I am there is resurrection power and there is life.”

Faith in Christ – it connects us with the flow of life – life that is greater than death. “To be connected to me in faith is life. To be disconnected from me is death.” That is reality now and forever. Jesus asks her the question, Verse 26, “Do you believe this?” Martha’s response is one of the greatest declarations of faith ever uttered. There in her darkest hour she makes a confession of faith.


Now the 2 sisters reacted in different ways to their brother dying. And they highlight two very different sides of our human nature. We are Martha and we are Mary. The head and the heart. Martha the practical one is mourning for the brother himself. Lazarus is dead. He is not here. Mary is more emotional and is thinking of her own grief at losing her brother.

It is showing the 2 sides of mourning, for we mourn for the loved one who has died but also for our own loss, confusion anger and pain that we are going through.

READ John 11: 28-36

Mary is still in the house. She is being comforted by friends. When Jesus arrives there, she rises (resurrects) and says much the same thing to Jesus that Martha did. Even Jesus reacts differently with Mary. He weeps with groans. When Jesus encounters Mary’s grief, and those who were grieving with her...” He is deeply moved in spirit. (lower case...His human spirit...that which made him like us) ...” He wept.” He connects emotionally with those who are overcome by death’s shadow...so much so witnesses say, “see how he loved him.”

And the crowd watches and they also ask questions. You know the end of the story.


Read John 11:1-16

Now as Christians although we don’t really know exactly what happens when we die we believe that we go back to God somehow. We are with the Father for eternity. We can call it Paradise if you like. Now imagine Lazarus has just arrived there. He’s dead. I wonder what Lazarus thought when Jesus called him back?

“No, I’m in Paradise, why would I want to go back to the Land of sickness and death?!!” “Why would I want 2 obituaries written?”

Because: Jesus said: His sickness will not end in his death but will bring great glory to God. As these events unfold, the Son of God will be exalted.

Why is this story is so important for the world today, for Christians and non-Christians alike?

Jesus delays his visit, in order that God be glorified. And Jesus says, “I AM the resurrection and the life.” Right now, not in the future...today I Am the resurrection and real life, ultimately the one who believes never really dies...ever.

That’s the victory...eternal life in Christ starts now. He is “I Am” not I was or will be. And even if this physical body perishes...our living doesn’t stop. Our living hope...the belief that makes us want to shout...” He is risen” comes because Jesus is “the Resurrection...He is the Life...And the one who believes in Him will live, even if they die...And whoever lives by believing in Jesus will never die.”

It’s still the most important question ever asked. DO YOU BELIEVE THIS?

Verse 14, Jesus said, “...and for your sake I am glad I was not there, so that you may believe.” But didn’t they already believe? These were Jesus’ disciples. Yes, they believed. But their faith needed to be stretched and developed. They needed experience with God to mature their faith.

The disciples entered into a higher level of faith. Martha and Mary got a greater revelation of the Lord as “the resurrection and the life.” Lazarus became a living testimony of Jesus’ love and power.

Martha and Mary come to a greater revelation of Jesus through this hard, but profitable experience. As a result of Lazarus’ resurrection many believe on Jesus.

Wat can you do?

Jesus is calling us to share in what he has done. Lazarus can experience new life through the friendship and compassion of his family and friends. We must do for others what Christ has done for us. We must share in the work of raising the dead, because only when we do for each other what

Jesus has done – will we know the truth – through doing it.SO roll away the stone. Unlock the tomb. Command one another to stand up in the power of the resurrection. CREATE A CONTEXT FOE PEOPLE TO HEAL (Visit each other; Encourage; listen; pray. Phone; Love each other. Give the courage to go on)


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