2017 10 15 Gill Khoury The cost of following Jesus

2017 10 15 Gill Khoury The cost of following Jesus
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The cost of following Jesus

Luke 9:57-62 Good News Translation (GNT)

In this parable Jesus clearly indicates that with regard to our calling as disciples there is no higher authority than Jesus himself

The Would-Be Followers of Jesus

Man 1: A volunteer 

But he has to learn to follow a rejected suffering leader:

We need to

  • Consider the Cost
  • Jesus doesn’t fulfill his missional duty in power but often in rejection. It can be very hard

Would be disciples are not accepted unless they are prepared to pay the price for following a rejected leader


Man 2 : This person is commanded to follow


To Bury ones father means to stay with the parents until they die.


  • Cultural and Family demands are not an excuse not to follow Jesus or proclaim the Gospel
  • When Jesus calls participate
  • There is no higher authority than Jesus. Not parents, uncles, aunties, bosses


Man 3: A volunteer:


Ploughing was an art. Needed to concentrate


  • Commitment to Jesus cannot be based on an emotional idealistic decision.
  • Profession is easy, practise over the long haul is the test
  • Commitment to Christ is not casual. Something that you do when you find the time. It’s a longterm way of life
  • Commitment to Jesus is not a phase in life




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