2017 09 24 Gill Khoury Forgiveness

2017 09 24 Gill Khoury Forgiveness
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Parable within a story

Luke 7:41-42 New International Version - UK (NIVUK)

41 ‘Two people owed money to a certain money-lender. One owed him five hundred denarii,[a] and the other fifty. 42 Neither of them had the money to pay him back, so he forgave the debts of both. Now which of them will love him more?


How does Jesus respond to a woman who approaches in faith?


Simon the Pharisee insults Jesus by ignoring every cultural greeting. Yet the woman who understands that she is forgiven, overwhelms Jesus with love.

She even gives up the tools of the trade for Jesus.


The parable addresses the issue that when we understand forgiveness we respond in deep love for Christ. Simon and the woman are contrasted and the question is asked , how does


We don’t need to be a better Simon, we need to be the woman


The parable tell us about God


Jesus loves Sinners


Forgiven Sinners Love Christ


Love for Christ always glorifies God. You can’t be an isolated Christian


God’s forgiveness reveals God’s glory


God's Offer of Mercy Isaiah 55

55 The Lord says,

“Come, everyone who is thirsty—

here is water!

Come, you that have no money—

buy grain and eat!

Come! Buy wine and milk—

it will cost you nothing!

Why spend money on what does not satisfy?

Why spend your wages and still be hungry?

Listen to me and do what I say,

and you will enjoy the best food of all.

“Listen now, my people, and come to me;

come to me, and you will have life!

You are the everything we desire, the everything we do not deserve.

You are the love we have yet to find, the peace beyond imagining.

You are the breath of life enlivening the hardest heart.

You are the vibrant colour illuminating the darkest dawn.

You are the truth that calls in quiet whisper and through storm.

You are the precious moment we reach out and touch the divine.

For those days when we forget, forgive us.

When life distracts and focus shifts forgive us. When self imposes its own will forgive us.

When our praise and worship fail to please forgive us. Embrace us once again, we pray in sweet and loving fellowship with you. Amen








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